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At the side of the highway just beyond the city limits, Terra watched the sky, hoping that one of those ships would fly by. “It headed this way…” she said to herself, looking out the passenger side window at the sun rising behind the trees. “I just hope one shows up soon…The couple hours of sleep I got wasn’t nearly enough…” She leaned back in her seat and looked up at the roof. Just then, there was a rumble overhead and with a sudden burst of energy, she leaned her head out the driver side window just as one of the ships flew overhead. Terra dropped back into the seat and threw her car into drive.
She followed the ship as best she could before it banked hard to the right, disappearing behind the trees beside the highway. Terra groaned and pulled off at the next exit, finding herself in a more wooded area than she’d expected. She drove along the narrow winding roads, trying to find her way to where the ship had disappeared
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The man’s path led Terra into an older section of the museum that consisted mostly of offices and storage for the various artifacts. She studied her surroundings, getting the feel of a college from the 1930’s as she walked. She passed a metal cart with a cloth unfolded on it. Terra stopped for a moment then wandered closer, seeing small, rusted, and heavily decayed metal shards laid out in what seemed to be the shape of a blade. Though it was hard to tell from the few pieces, it didn’t seem to be a very large blade, if that’s what it was. She leaned in to get a closer look.
As she examined it, the man from the lobby walked out of one of the offices. He stopped and just watched her for a moment, before clearing his throat. “You’re not supposed to be here.” he called, startling her. Terra yelped and stood up straight, weighing her options as quick as possible. “Why’re you back here?”
“I-I..uh…I-” Terr
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Drake looked back out at the horizon behind him, watching as the sun began to set. His eyes shifted to the skyscrapers that poked out from behind the trees far off in the distance, thinking about what had happened the day before. He lit a cigarette and looked over at Utan as he walked by. “You think anyone’s snuck into this fuckin’ place?” he asked, motioning up the trail. “Kinda isolated.”
With a sigh, he adjusted the assault rifle that was slung over his shoulder. “I’m sure it’s happened a few times.”
Utan noticed that the forest had grown silent as they neared the chain link fence that separated the hiking trail from the road leading deeper into the mountains. Up ahead, Troy and Derek stood at the gate and he saw that Troy was holding a rusty chain that had been cut and left on the ground. “You think this was him?” he asked, tossing the chain to Drake.
He looked at it, examining the sliced link careful
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Limits logo by Skippytheghost Limits logo :iconskippytheghost:Skippytheghost 4 4 Xen Update 2015 by Skippytheghost Xen Update 2015 :iconskippytheghost:Skippytheghost 2 3 Lotus is Confused by Skippytheghost Lotus is Confused :iconskippytheghost:Skippytheghost 2 0
Drake led Terra by the arm past the barricades where Utan and the others stood with their rifles drawn as they kept the crowd back alongside several cops in full riot gear. Drake yanked her forward making her wince in pain. “GAH! Drake, take it easy!!”
Utan looked back, surprised to see Terra with Drake. “What the hell?” He walked over, watching as Drake released her and dusted himself off. “I thought you went back home.” he said, turning to Terra.
Drake growled and pointed back over his shoulder toward the smoke. “She fuckin’ followed me.” he snarled, turning his attention to her. “The hell is wrong with you?” Terra was about to speak before he suddenly pointed at her. “Don’t. Fuckin’. Speak.”
Derek joined them, resting his rifle on his shoulder. “Did you kill that bastard?”
“He got away.” answered Drake as Terra trembled beside him. “Got a decent shot at h
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Cassandra 2015 by Skippytheghost Cassandra 2015 :iconskippytheghost:Skippytheghost 4 0
Terra lay in bed, finding herself just staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep. With a groan, she folded her arms behind her head and looked at the flash drive sitting on her nightstand. “No…” she thought, turning away from it. “I don’t know what’s on that thing…I don’t want it screwing up my laptop…” She looked at it again, then back to the ceiling and watched as the light from a car on the street passed overhead. “then again…” She looked at it for a third time. “They haven’t tried anything yet…And Drake seems more concerned with smoking a pack a day and drinking.” Rolling onto her side, Terra grabbed the device. She looked at it closer, then rolled onto her back again and held it up in front of her, examining it as another car drove down the street. She looked at her alarm clock and saw that it was nearly three in the morning. “Well…today’s a holiday
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Terra stared at the rolled up blanket on her kitchen table, knowing that she hadn’t imagined the sound of metal on metal from it’s center. Taking a moment to examine it, she stepped closer and leaned forward at one end of it, seeing something silver and shining inside. “What the heck is that?” she asked herself, before jumping back when she heard the front door open. She swung around swiftly, finding herself face to face with Drake, who just seemed confused by her reaction.
“You know, I could fuckin’ leave if you’re that freaked out.” he laughed turning his back to her and walking into the living room. He then jumped over the back of the nearest recliner, landing dead center on the cushion. “What the hell you got there?”
The girl glanced back at the blanket out of the corner of her eye. “Someone dropped this off.” she answered, picking it up, causing another metallic clang to echo from within. “He w
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Fear the Cute by Skippytheghost Fear the Cute :iconskippytheghost:Skippytheghost 2 0 Davam Update 2015 by Skippytheghost Davam Update 2015 :iconskippytheghost:Skippytheghost 2 0
The end of the summer came quickly and, with it, a new school year. Terra ran around her house, having woken up late after forgetting to set her alarm clock the night before. In the garage, Drake was making some final adjustments to the Raptor’s new engine when the girl suddenly burst through the door and tripped over a screwdriver on the ground. He looked over his shoulder at her, confused by what had just happened, then laughed to himself.
“The hell are you doing?” he asked, his oil covered hands onto his pants as he got up.
She groaned and dusted herself off. “I’m late for school, Drake!!”
Drake sighed and hopped on the Raptor as he turned the key in the ignition. “How late?”
He kickstarted the motorcycle, making it roar to life for the first time in nearly a month, which forced her to cover her ears. “Gah…W-Well, my first class is in five minutes.”
She watched as Drake flipped the kickstand up. Once the bik
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The start of Chapter 25



As the sun rose over the mountains, Kaska paced around the alcove in a panic. She turned to Alesia who was just sitting on the ground, staring at the faint outline of footprints in the snow. “Where the hell did she go?!” she shouted, startling her. She walked out of the alcove, and looked around, thinking that she might just be near the smoldering wreckage of the Condor even while all the signs pointed against it. She stumbled toward the ship, but froze in her tracks when she saw nothing but the charred mass of twisted metal. She turned back to Alesia. “Did she say anything to you?” Alesia looked at her and shook her head slowly before turning back to the footprints. Kaska gripped her side again and looked around. “Sh-She couldn’t have gone far…right?” She limped back toward the alcove but passed by it and continued through the valley. “Wait here…” Alesia watched as Kaska limped away from her, leaving her sitting alone in the alcove. Her ears dropped and she flipped her hood up, trying to shield herself from the cold. 

Kaska watched the faint prints as she moved. After a minute, she stopped and looked out over the frozen wasteland as she struggled to breathe. She dropped to her knees, taking a moment to rest and rubbed swollen tissue around her left eye. “…I-I can’t keep going…” she mumbled, forcing a breath. “I…I can’t leave Alesia alone for…too long…” She looked back toward the wreckage, and noticed Drake and Myst making their way toward it. “B-By the Gods…” She stumbled to her feet and started limping to them. “…Drake…!” They looked back at her. “…P-Please…wait…!”

Drake motioned to Myst to wait and walked over to Kaska. “You alright?” he asked, noticing the dried blood around her nose and mouth and her eye swollen shut. 

She nodded and gripped her side with a wince. “Y-Yes…I believe so…” She pointed toward the Condor with a pained groan. “Alesia’s…in a small cave near the craft…” Kaska turned back to Drake. “But…Sonya’s missing again…” 

Drake grabbed her arm, helping her stay on her feet when the pain in her side became to much. “What the fuck do you mean she’s missing?” he snapped, as Myst walked over, tripping over a hidden rock. “What happened?”

“I don’t know…” she answered. “She was there last night…but…when we awoke, she was gone…” She glanced at Myst when she grabbed her other arm and draped it over her shoulders. “M-My thanks…” She then turned back to Drake. “She my have gone to seek help…But I don’t know where she went…There’re no settlements out here…”

“So Sonya’s out here alone?” asked Myst.

“It seems that way…yes…” Kaska winced again. “Drake…I’m truly sorry…”

Drake shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. We’ll find her.” Then he suddenly picked her up in his arms with a groan. “How far is your friend?”

“Just across from the ship…”

As Sonya regained consciousness, she could feel a hot wind blowing down onto her. She winced as the pain set in again and let out a whimper. Nearby, there was a low, thundering, snarl and a deep rumbling voice. “Rise, child of the Exiled.” it called from above her. “There is no threat here.” She rubbed her head and suddenly the sound of claws on stone echoed out around her. Sitting up, she opened her eyes and panicked when she saw nearly a dozen Primal surrounding her. She scrambled to her feet, but fell back just as quickly. “Calm yourself, child.” On the other end of the cave she found herself in, a massive Wyvern suddenly sat up, towering over the others, and looked at her. “There is no threat here.” The Wyvern moved toward her, keeping his eyes on her. “You would be dead otherwise.” She dragged herself backwards, trying to keep her distance from him. “Your kind do not dwell within the mountains.” The Wyvern stopped, standing over Sonya as she looked up at him in terror. “Why are you here?”

Sonya tried to think of what to say. She whimpered and looked at the other Primals, seeing the hunger in their eyes. “I-…I-I just…” She looked up at the Wyvern. “…I was…trying to help m-my friends…We…w-we got captured…and crashed in the mountains…” He let out a low snarl. “…P-Please…don’t kill me…”

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